The 3rd Ido- Gaya biennale

2012年の11月にはじまった、ナノ・スクール《nano school》は22回を迎えます。
ここで、” The 3rd Ido- Gaya biennale” の開催を通して、これまでの途中発表、およびディスカッションをしてみようと思います。10月11日(土)は、オープニングパーティーになります。

◇◇◇ The 3rd Ido- Gaya biennale ◇◇◇


わたしたちはカリブ海に何を求めているのか? 第6回カリビアン・ビエンナーレのカタログの冒頭の言葉です。求め、消費し、くり返す。639年の長さのジョン・ケージのオルガン曲、ASLSPは、誰にも消費を許さない。第3回イドガヤ・ビエンナーレもまた、消費から逃れるための試みです。


◆ 第3回イドガヤ・ビエンナーレ作品公募









What are we looking for in Caribbean? It is the beginning words of the catalog of the 6th Caribbean Biennale. Searching, consuming and repeating. John Cage’s organ music, ASLSP(as slow as possible), whose length is 639 years, does not allow consumption to anyone. The 3rd Idogaya Biennale is also an attempt to escape from consumption.

The exhibition will be held from Oct 11(sat) to Dec 12 (fri) in 2014. The venue is Idogay area around blanClass. blanClass will open only during normal Event. About works, please refer to sheets at blanClass. Some works will be there after biennale.

◆ Open call for the 3rd Idogaya Biennale

The case of clearing the following conditions, you can officially take part.

Conditions are following.

• Do not make ​​anything

• Do not act anything

• Do not make any instruction

Title is not necessary. We, organizer, do nothing but updating artist names and descriptions on web.

Other than formal participation as soon as it is UP writers name to HP, and updating the commentary, organizer, does nothing.

If you want to take part, please send us a short description( within 200 words ), e-mail address and your name by e-mail to following address with a title as “for open call for the 3rd Idogaya biennale”. The dead line is the day before last day of biennale.

E-mail address: