空っぽの教室 blanClass +room 



Empty Classroom "blanClass+room"

   A small space "blanClass" is located in a residential block in Yokohama. We start activity in this space as a base for people to attend art sessions to create art and to evolve the activity in multiple directions. This space has long served as a classroom for leaning contemporary art. For several years,however, the classroom has been closed,and thus we namedthis space "blanClass" to mean an empty classroom.
   This project starts with the empty classroom as a clue, not to say from zero. A building changes with time during which people do something in the spaceof the building and spend time there. The space itself, however, actually has a character, and its function and role expand and transform every timeeach person doing something in the space interprets the space carefully.We first try to carry out "the practice of space" through finding and developing the character of the space.
   Naturally, we place importance, not on a visible result, but rather on dialogues that will occur in the space. A wide variety of artists and experts interact witheach other in blanClass and work in parallel. We catch and present the dialogues that occur here in blanClass.
   Once the door opens, you can think anything as much as you like in this space.We will sincerely seek a strong message beyond genres and functions of art by crossing over the borders between them and will explore more unlimited and serious issues, without pandering so easily to trends of the time and society.